Life with Two

Children are a gift from the Lord;
    they are a reward from him.


No one ever really knows what to expect when you are anticipating having two kids.  After your first, you experience a different kind of love than you ever thought possible, and without question a reoccurring thought is “how can I possibly love another one just as much?!?!”.  But you can.  It’s CRAZY!  Now I just kind of feel like my heart is bursting at the seams at all times.  In a nutshell, life with two kids is incredible.  Hard, but incredible.  I had so many fears when I was pregnant with Brayden because I wasn’t sure how Connor would respond to having a sibling.  He’s already a really clingy kid and definitely loves mommy & daddy, so how was he going to react not being the center of attention anymore and not getting 100% of the snuggles?  Would he not like Brayden?  Would he be aggressive toward him?  Would he just straight up ignore him?  Would he sort of like him?  To put it in short, he LOVES him.  I’m so grateful.  I prayed all the time that he would be a great big brother and love Brayden, and he definitely does.  Connor does have his moments, of course, and there are definitely times where he still is tempted to compete for attention, but overall it’s been amazing to watch their bond as brothers develop already.  They truly are little buddies.  It’s also been really incredible to watch Connor’s heart to care for not only Brayden, but also every other baby he sees.  He almost instantly will run up to them, start giggling, tell them how cute they are and then attempt to smother their face with kisses and rub their head.  We’re still working on creating some healthy boundaries : )

I’ll let the photos tell the story!




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