Gloucester Day Trip // Personal

There is something so refreshing about going out and exploring.  Not having an agenda, no time constraints, just going for a drive with barely a set of directions.  Last weekend we were able to do just that, and we made our way to Gloucester!  My husband and I have lived here for almost three years, and really haven’t gotten out to explore a whole lot since we’ve been here.  I love love LOVE the coast, so I especially had an itch to go to the water.  I was shocked (and so happy) that this place is only 40 minutes from our house!!  We just started driving until we felt like stopping, and ended up at I-couldn’t-tell-you-where, but I do know that it was incredible.  It had an beautiful beach, the water was so blue that you could see the bottom in most areas, and it had this amazing dock that went WAY out into the water!  We spent some time there running around, teaching Connor how to throw rocks into the water, collecting sea rope, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  The next place we found was Hammond Castle, a beeeaauutiful castle that sits right on the water.  They’ve turned it into a wedding venue now, so if any of you are getting married in that area, definitely check this place out!

It was so good to take a day with our little family and to be reminded of all of the beautiful things around us that can so easily be taken advantage of.  Happy Tuesday, friends!  Make the most of it!


Props to my hubs for taking this photo!


Okay, can we just talk for a minute about how handsome this guy is?!?!


This little man loved the rocks!


Check out this house!  I couldn’t decide if it was absolutely terrifying, or totally awesome.



Connor said the lion was hungry, so the thought some gravel would do the trick ;)


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