Can I Be Honest?

I’m not going to lie, this post is slightly intimidating for me to post.  Why?  Because it means I’m being vulnerable and let’s face it: being vulnerable is h a r d.  It’s tempting to want to look like we have it all together, and the truth is, do any of us?  Likely not.  We all have things we need to work on and grow in, but the reason that it can be so scary to be transparent is because especially with social media these days, it can appear that everyone’s lives are perfect and no one has their fair share of struggles.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting since the New Year… reflecting on 2015 and making notes of what worked and what didn’t.  I’ve been thinking of things in my character, in my life, and in my business that I want to change and putting plans into place to really go after it so that I can end 2016 a better person than when I started it!  It’s tough, but ya know what?  It’s also really exciting and fills me with a ton of faith and hope.  I recently started reading this book called Start by Jon Acuff and I’m only a few chapters in and already my mind is blown!  In a nutshell, the book is all about resisting fear, five ways of ‘escaping average and living an awesome life’, and overall just STARTING.  Starting somewhere!  Anywhere!  The more I thought about my own life, I’ve realized that I’ve just been feeling stuck.  Stuck in the area of being content with mediocrity and being afraid of working hard.  This worry comes over me that if I sacrifice so much for something that I’m afraid my hard work won’t pay off and I’ll be left with precious time that was “wasted”.  Really all it is is not trusting God and working hard anyway and believing that if I put in the effort that even if it doesn’t work out, that I will have learned something valuable along the way.

I’m so excited to put my goals into practice and really develop a great plan to meet them.  I’m grateful that it’s never too late to “start”, and really the beginning is us having the humility to recognize where we’re at now so that we know when we’ve reached our destination.


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