Jovani & Tim’s Wedding Day | Boston Wedding Photographer

I have had the privilege of knowing Jovani & Tim for a couple of years now, and being able to watch their pure friendship blossom into a deep love for one another was so special!  Jovani and Tim are some of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet.  They love life and they love people, so naturally they’re just FUN to be around!  Jo has coined the term “YOLO”, and I firmly believe it’s her motto in life; and I have a true appreciation for Tim’s love for cats.  This guy loves cats!  Like, a lot!  And it’s awesome.  Their wedding day was filled to the brim with joy and anticipation as they shared their very first kiss EVER at the altar!!  How amazing is that?!  I could honestly go on and on with how awesome they are, but I’ll let you move on to the good stuff ;-)

Jo & Tim, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of your special day!  I love you guys so much!!

0L0A39360L0A39540L0A39600L0A39740L0A39920L0A40160L0A40720L0A4084-20L0A40880L0A41080L0A41100L0A41880L0A42250L0A4242-20L0A42560L0A43330L0A43690L0A43790L0A43910L0A44160L0A44440L0A45260L0A4552Jo unfortunately lost her father not long ago, but it was so incredible the way she still incorporated him into each part of the day <30L0A45830L0A45850L0A46530L0A46600L0A4667-20L0A46940L0A46970L0A47130L0A47160L0A47400L0A4763She added a beautifully framed photo of her dad to her bouquet so he could be with her each step of the way!

0L0A48130L0A47680L0A47780L0A4780-20L0A48050L0A48330L0A48600L0A48700L0A48890L0A50150L0A50290L0A5051-20L0A5068-2Jo’s mom and her bridesmaids peek through the window as her and Tim pray together moments before the ceremony!0L0A51260L0A51020L0A51310L0A51370L0A51550L0A5156-20L0A51590L0A51680L0A52790L0A5293-20L0A53320L0A5335-20L0A53630L0A5367-20L0A5383-20L0A5401-20L0A54210L0A54220L0A5441-20L0A54450L0A5469-20L0A5490-20L0A56670L0A5717-20L0A5718-20L0A5739-20L0A57610L0A5809-20L0A5817-20L0A59370L0A59590L0A5971-20L0A5986-20L0A5991-20L0A60080L0A60600L0A60850L0A60890L0A61930L0A62870L0A63720L0A63880L0A6413-2


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