A Weekend to Remember | My Birthday & Mother’s Day!

This weekend truly did feel so special because this is the first time since I’ve been a Mom that my birthday & Mother’s Day fell so close together!  We got in lots of good family time, and created some great memories!  On the evening of my birthday, we took the boys to a park close by and took some photos, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but just haven’t had the time!  Despite the fact that it was pretty windy and therefore a little chilly (hence Connor wearing Daddy’s shirt in all of the photos…lol) we made the most of it and had an amazing time!  Mother’s Day on Sunday was so special too.  We had an incredible time at church in the morning and then came home, rested (can I get an AMEN!) and then later went out for a walk as a family, which is one of my favorite things to do in the Spring/Summer.  It was an uneventful day and simply perfect.  I thank God every single day for my family and the incredible privilege it is to be a wife and a mom.  It is by no means something I take for granted, and desperately strive to enjoy even the hard days.  I recently heard a quote that said “the days are long and the years are short” and boy is that true!!  I’m also so grateful for a husband who loves and serves us constantly!  He is the best gift giver because he’s super creative and is very intentional with the things he gives.  He loves giving sentimental things (which I love too!) and so I’m always excited to see what he’ll think up next :)  Make sure you check out the AMAZING gift he made me at the bottom of the post!  I love it so, so much.  Anyway, enjoy some of my favorites from our wonderful weekend!

I had to throw in this one of Brayden the morning of my birthday, gah I love him and that sweet smile!!


If there was an image to sum up Connor perfectly, it would be this one.0L0A21820L0A21920L0A22030L0A22290L0A22370L0A22390L0A22540L0A22680L0A22700L0A2278

Our cute photo bomber :)0L0A22790L0A2281-20L0A22950L0A2309

Are they not the sweetest?!0L0A23150L0A2328-2

Isn’t this amazing?!?!!!


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